Apple’s iOS 14.5 Update Releases

The support for PS5 DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers is coming with this update.

Apple’s latest iOS 14.5 update has been released to beta testers, and one of the most simple changes is support for the Xbox Series X controllers and new PS5 DualSense. Currently, in the latest version of iOS and iPadOS, Neither of these new controllers gets help, but the 14.5 update introduces support for both.

On other platforms, support for both Microsoft and Sony’s most recent console gaming controllers has gradually been expanding since last November, and the companies released their new consoles. Starting of this month, Valve increased the Xbox Series X/S controller on Steam and added compatibility for the Share button on the new gamepad and, at the same time permitting more controllers to be connected.

Back in November, the iOS 14.5 update of the Apple follows the company uncovering that it was working with Microsoft to add support for the Xbox Series X controllers. Steam additionally added PS5 support a year ago, continued with Shield TV of Nvidia support a month ago.

iOS 14.5 will additionally add the feature while wearing a mask; it’ll get unlock an iPhone with an Apple Watch. Also, capability CarPlay ETA sharing, Siri crisis contact calling, and double SIM 5G help. Apple hasn’t revealed when iOS 14.5 will show up to all gadgets, however, given it’s gone into beta and it should arrive in the next couple of months for everyone.

The meaning of adding support for the Xbox Series X/S’s controller could also explain that the latest console of Microsoft’s owners will have the option to play its games through their iPad or iPhone or even using the new controller, instead of having to use a gamepad of older Xbox One.

After the official release of 14.5 update for iPadOS and iOS, those with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, Xbox Series X/S, as well as iPad or iPhone, could potentially use the new console’s controller, so that one can play games using Remote Play.

Hopefully, support for these two controllers will allow the unique features to be used to their fullest, and the two controllers will go beyond basic functionality.

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